There are blood scabs in the baby's ear canal. Will it affect the child's hearing?

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After the baby is born, all aspects of physical development are imperfect. In order to prevent the child from getting sick, parents often pay special attention to the cleanliness of the child. Some mothers even carry wet wipes with them at all times and wipe their children's skin dozens of times a day, eager to give their children a sterile environment. However, excessive cleaning is not a good thing for the baby, and sometimes it can even endanger the child's health!

There is blood scab in the baby’s ear canal. Will it affect the child’s hearing?

Baby’s ear bleeding rarely causes deafness. Our external auditory canal has an S-shaped deflection. Normally, the damage is mainly caused by damage to the external auditory canal. This symptomatic treatment of wound recovery will not affect hearing. Hearing loss will only occur if the damaged tympanic membrane perforates the tympanic membrane.

This depends on the actual situation. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for a detailed examination as soon as possible during the safe period. If there is a blood scab, don't be too nervous. After the blood scab is completely healed, you can find a way to go to the hospital to check and remove it! Under normal circumstances, it will not affect hearing. During this period, try to avoid babies scratching their ears with their hands. Parents should note that if the blood scab is caused by ear inflammation, they should go to the hospital for examination early!

There are many reasons for blood scabs in babies’ ears. It may be caused by physiological factors, or it may be caused by pathological factors such as damage to the external auditory canal and otitis media. It is recommended that Parents should take their babies to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, and then provide symptomatic treatment after completing relevant examinations.

1. Physiological factors:
If the baby does not like to drink water in daily life, or the skin is dry and cracked due to the dry climate, when the mucous membrane in the ear is dry and cracked, it will There will be bleeding, and after the bleeding dries up, blood scabs will form, so there will be blood scabs in the baby's ears.

2. Pathological factors:
1. Damage to the external auditory canal: If the baby accidentally digs the skin of the external auditory canal with fingers in daily life, or improperly picks out the ears and damages the skin of the external auditory canal, it may Bleeding occurs, and the oozing blood will form blood scabs after coagulation, which is manifested as blood scabs in the baby's ears;
2. Otitis media: The baby is young and the development of the middle ear is not yet complete, such asIf you are invaded by various bacteria at this time, it is easy to form otitis media. When inflammatory factors stimulate the local skin, it will cause congestion and suppuration of the middle ear mucosa. In more serious cases, there will be bleeding. At this time, hemorrhage will appear after the blood coagulates. Scab, which appears as a bloody scab in the baby’s ears.

The baby is young and the ear nerves are still in the development stage. In addition, the external auditory canal or tympanic membrane is often stimulated. After irritation to the area, congestion will occur. Common conditions will also be accompanied by There is pus and blood, so it is not wise to pick out the ears frequently. You must take good care of them and do not do them too much. Parents who continue to do this should pay attention to seek medical treatment in time if any abnormality occurs. After all, hearing is very important!