Is hearing loss caused by tinnitus hereditary?

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Tinnitus is a common ear disease and is caused by many reasons. I hope everyone will take preventive measures in their daily lives to avoid tinnitus.

Is hearing loss caused by tinnitus hereditary?

Tinnitus is mostly not passed on to the next generation.

There are many causes of tinnitus. Some are due to genetic mutations, resulting in hearing loss with or without tinnitus. Some people have it at birth, and some people have it the day after tomorrow. If tinnitus is caused by congenital causes, it may be passed on to the next generation. Of course, it is not necessarily passed on to the next generation. It also depends on the genotype of the spouse. Most tinnitus is caused by the acquired environment, including fatigue, poor sleep, loud sound stimulation, etc. This kind of tinnitus will not be passed on to the next generation.

Precautions for the treatment of tinnitus:
1. Have an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life. Once you have tinnitus, don't be overly nervous and seek medical treatment promptly. During the diagnosis and treatment process, follow the doctor's guidance and actively cooperate with the treatment. You can also actively use other strengths to distract yourself from tinnitus, adjust your life rhythm, and cultivate more points of interest.
2. Change bad habits: Caffeine and alcohol often aggravate tinnitus symptoms; smoking can reduce blood oxygen, and inner ear hair cells are extremely sensitive cells to oxygen, so hypoxia will cause hair cells damage. You should usually pay attention to eating less fatty and sweet foods to prevent phlegm from accumulating and aggravating the condition. People with kidney deficiency and tinnitus should especially reduce their intake of warm and dry foods.

3. Eat more zinc-containing diet: There are many factors that cause tinnitus and deafness, and zinc deficiency is an important reason. The content of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than in other organs. Common foods rich in zinc include beef, fish, eggs, chicken, various seafood, oranges, apples, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, etc.

4. Avoid noise pollution: Sudden loud sounds and long-term noise exposure can cause hearing loss and tinnitus, so high-risk groups (working in high-intensity noise environments) ) Pay special attention to noise protection, such as wearing protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc. In addition, do not use Walkman headphones at high volume for a long time.

Every baby is born with the expectations of his parents. No one wants their baby to have any obstacles in some way. Therefore, if you have hearing loss yourself, or have relatives with hearing loss in your family, you can undergo genetic testing for deafness before giving birth to take some preventive measures. Of course, if you do not have hearing loss, from the perspective of prenatal and postnatal care, deafness genetic testing can also be considered.

I hope everyone will take preventive measures in their daily lives and have reasonable eating habits to enhance the patient's physical condition.