At what level of hearing loss does intervention become necessary?

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"I'm going out to buy groceries!" "What did you say! I didn't hear you clearly! Say it again!" Are conversations like this very common? Everyone has the experience of not hearing clearly occasionally. But if this happens frequently, it may be an early symptom of hearing loss. If we can't hear clearly at first, we only need others to simply repeat it. It won't have much impact on our lives, so we are often ignored and ignored by people.

At what extent does hearing loss require intervention?

Under normal circumstances, as long as hearing loss affects daily communication, you want to intervene. It is recommended that you go to a hospital or a specialized hearing aid fitting institution for a hearing test. Normal hearing is within 25 decibels, hearing loss between 26 and 40 decibels is considered mild hearing loss, 41-60 decibels is moderate hearing loss, 61-80 decibels is severe hearing loss, and above 80 decibels is extremely severe hearing loss; children with hearing loss above 30 If the hearing loss is above 40 decibels, it is recommended to wear a hearing aid. If the adult hearing loss is above 40 decibels, timely intervention is also required.

0-25dB HL Normal hearing, can hear very subtle sounds, can communicate normally, and there is no communication barrier in life;

26- 40dB HL Mild hearing loss, can communicate normally, but occasionally cannot hear other people's conversations clearly, difficult to distinguish small sounds, such as the rustling of leaves, cannot hear others whispering, needs to prick up the ears, narrow the distance, easy to feel Embarrassment, Hearing Aids can help alleviate this embarrassment;

41-60dB HL Moderate hearing loss, daily communication sounds can be heard, but it is often difficult to distinguish what is being said, especially when it is noisy The environment requires the other party to repeat or the speaking voice to be raised. In these situations, we need to wear hearing aids to alleviate our hearing problems. Our energy and concentration can also be relieved, and we will not feel tired when listening. People's daily energy is limited;

61-80dB HL Severe hearing loss, you have to speak loudly and slowly to hear clearly, communication is difficult, and you need to combine oral To guess, you have to speak loudly to hear clearly. Whenever a person speaks louder, his facial expression will change slightly, and the listener will feel that he is being aggressive, and others will think that the two are quarreling. The noise It is basically impossible to communicate under the environment. The patient cannot hear clearly what others are saying for a long time, and the patient himselfIf you resist listening, your ability to analyze speech will become worse and worse over time, so that the help of wearing a hearing aid is limited and cannot achieve the effect we expected;

81dB HL or above People with severe hearing loss cannot communicate normally in daily life and need to shout loudly to respond to loud sounds such as car horns, drums, and firecrackers.

Generally speaking, when your hearing begins to decline, please pay attention! If you only have mild hearing loss and do not want to wear hearing aids for the time being, you should also undergo regular hearing tests to monitor hearing loss. Once you find that your hearing is not as good as before, you must intervene as soon as possible to protect the remaining hearing and the brain's speech recognition ability.