Is inflammation of the ear canal related to deafness?

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Relevant statistics show that there are about 30 million hearing-impaired people in China, and there are many factors leading to deafness. Experts remind that for children, in addition to congenital neurological deafness, hearing loss caused by secretory otitis media and suppurative otitis media should attract more attention from parents.

Is inflammation of the ear canal related to deafness?

Deafness does not necessarily mean inflammation in the ear canal. In addition to inflammation, the cause of deafness may also be neurological deafness.

If inflammation causes deafness, it is often related to factors such as otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, otitis externa, purulent labyrinthitis, cerumen embolism, Eustachian tube dysfunction and other factors. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory treatment are generally required. After the inflammation is controlled, the symptoms of deafness will be significantly improved.

Hearing is mainly divided into two conduction modes: air conduction and bone conduction. Air conduction is mainly related to conductive hearing loss, usually due to otitis externa, cerumen blockage in the external auditory canal, and otitis media. , destruction of the ossicular chain or related to otosclerosis.

Bone conduction is mainly related to neurological hearing loss, inner ear malformation, membranous labyrinth edema of the inner ear, ear peripheral vascular ischemia, nerve damage, loss of auditory hair cell function, cochlear and damage to the hearing conduction nerve pathways.

There are two main ways of transmission of hearing, one is air conduction and the other is bone conduction. Bone conduction mainly means that we listen to our own voice. Most sound is transmitted through the air conduction. First, the sound is collected through the auricle, enters the external auditory canal, and enters the tympanic membrane. Then the tympanic membrane vibrates, passes inside, and is transmitted to the inner ear through the ossicular chain. It relies on the excitation of the auditory nerve to conduct to the brain, and then is synthesized. Analysis will then cause hearing loss. If any part of this pathway is damaged, it may cause hearing loss.

Whether it is otitis media or deafness, active treatment is required. Patients with otitis media must actively control the inflammation. If there is purulent secretion in the ear canal, it must be cleaned before applying medication, so that the medication can reach the middle ear and have a more effective effect. Be sure to avoid spicy and irritating foods in your diet, and do not eat salty foods. Keep your ears dry and avoid water entering the ear canal.

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