There is a sound that adults cannot hear at all, is it true?

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We know that hearing sounds depends on the ears, but in fact, in order for people to hear sounds, they need a receiver and a processor. “The receiver is our hearing organ, including the auricle, external auditory canal, tympanic membrane, ossicles, and inner ear. We rely on the auricle to collect sound waves, and then resonate through the external auditory canal, and then send the sound information to the inner ear through the vibration of the tympanic membrane and ossicles. , the auditory nerve cells in the inner ear receive signals. This signal will eventually be transmitted to the brain by the auditory nerve, and processed by the brain nerve center, so that we can really 'hear'."

There is a sound that adults cannot hear at all. Is it true?

As we age, our sensitivity to high-frequency sounds gradually decreases, while our sensitivity to low-frequency sounds remains relatively stable. Therefore, children can hear some high-frequency sounds that adults cannot hear, such as sounds at 14,400 Hz.

So some people’s hearing loss is due to bad ears, such as some kind of ear disease; some people’s hearing and speech functions are damaged , but it is the result of injury to relevant areas of the brain. In addition, hearing also has its own development characteristics, especially auditory sensitivity is closely related to our age.

For example, before the age of 20, our sensitivity will gradually increase with age; after the age of 60, the older we get, the worse our auditory sensitivity will be, and this decline in hearing ability starts from the "high frequency" Sound" begins. "There was news before that some students used a 'mosquito cell phone ringtone' that even the teachers could not hear. In fact, it is because this ringtone is a high-frequency sound of 17,000 Hz, and the older adults are, the less likely they are to hear it. It is easy to hear this sound.

As we age, the body’s metabolism will gradually decline. From this point of view, hearing aging is inevitable. However, many scientific studies have shown that , genetic factors, long-term exposure to noise, excessive tobacco and alcohol, poor eating habits and living habits, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other factors are all causes of presbycusis.

In short, children can hear sounds that adults cannot hear, not because they have any superpowers, but because their inner ear hair cells have not been damaged too much.