Is it necessary to pick out a child’s ears? Will the earwax in children's ears come out on its own?

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Earwax is the secretion in the human ear. It is mostly a light yellow viscous object. This object can effectively secrete oil and protect the human ear canal. It can protect the eardrum and prevent some small bugs from entering the ear.

Is it necessary to pick out children’s ears? Will the earwax in children's ears come out on its own?

Generally speaking, children’s earwax does not need to be removed, because the earwax will loosen and fall off on its own during normal chewing and talking, so most earwax does not need to be removed.

Of course, it should also be judged based on the characteristics of the earwax. If the earwax itself is relatively sticky and oily, in order to avoid the external auditory canal being blocked, it is recommended to clean the earwax in this case. In addition, Some children may not cooperate when removing earwax. In this case, it is easy to damage the child's ears. Therefore, it is not recommended to blindly remove earwax.

In these cases, you can pick out the baby’s ears according to the situation
1. You feel that your baby’s hearing has decreased, and it is found that the ears are seriously blocked by earwax accumulation. .
2. Due to some circumstances, the ear must be filled with water, and the earwax needs to be removed before the water enters.
3. If the baby has ear pain and discomfort, it is not accompanied by the discharge of pus, and the baby needs to be helped to clean it up.

Parents should not frequently pick out their children’s ears

In order to remove their children’s “earwax”, it is actually very dangerous to pick out their children’s ears. Doing so can easily damage the skin of the external auditory canal, causing inflammation or boils in the baby's external auditory canal; often irritating the skin of the external auditory canal will make the skin congestion, which will increase cerumen secretion; if the ear is dug too deep, the baby will not cooperate, struggle or irritate the external auditory canal, causing coughing Reflection will damage the tympanic membrane, causing inflammation or damage. If you find that there is often a lot of "earwax" in your baby's ears, you can go to the hospital to remove it regularly as appropriate. Pay attention to keeping the external auditory canal dry to avoid cerumen embolism and local infection. Babies with a lot of earwax are often accompanied by otitis externaIf you have symptoms, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

Picking out ears may seem like a very small thing, but for babies, small things often hide big risks. I hope every baby will Moms can accumulate parenting experience and accompany their babies to grow healthily.